Hair Accessories


Human beings have been coming up with accessories to adorn their hair for as long as we’ve had it, both men and women, ranging from brightly colored beads to bobby pins, and everything in between.


Though they are now having a comeback with scrunchies and flower crowns, they have a rich history full of intrigue. Find more about hårspenner here.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have come to be a reputable display of style and fashion. Some of the most iconic hair garbs that have delivered us at our current point are outlined below

Ancient hair rings

These are most certainly the inspiration behind our modern-day hair elastics and the scrunchies that ruled the world in the 80s and 90s. In ancient Europe, specifically the Bronze Age, the adornments would be made out of solid gold or lead and clay plated with gold. A similar type was used in ancient Egypt, fashioned out of jasper, pottery, or alabaster.

Ornate and long hairpins with ornaments and beads have a history in fashion, dating from ancient Rome where long pins were used as a perfume or poison containers to 17th century Japan when fashionable ladies wore kanzashi pins. Find more here smokkesnor. Their journey has led to the modern bobby pin, first used to constrain hair in Victorian England and get finger waves popular in the 40s.

Vintage barrettes

This is the more decorative bobby pin derivative, which wasn’t used until the mid-19th century. They also gained popularity in the ’80s and ’90s.

Decorative combs

They go as far back as the Stone Age, common in many cultures to put the hair in place. They were then revived as attached to headpieces and small hats in the 50s, and then the famous banana or claw clips. Findout more about hårsløyfer here.


Mesopotamian women and men used these to keep their hair in check, and royal women in European Middle Ages used them like crowns. They resurfaced in the 20s and are yet to go out of style.

Hair beads

Beads have a long history in the African tradition of adorning braids and have also picked trends in Western culture. They do not work to fasten the hair but make strong fashion statements.

Helps You Save Time

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories help you look good and also feel good about yourself. You should look into certain factors before you buy hair accessories.

factors include

Some of these factors include your hair length, color, and the style that you want to achieve. People tend to wear hair accessories at parties and special occasions.

limit yourself

You should not limit yourself from wearing hair accessories, wear them as you please. Owning different kinds of hair accessories tends to have many advantages. In this article, you will get to learn more about the benefits of owning hair accessories.

Helps Conceal Bad Hair

Sometimes you do not have much time to get ready for either an event or work and you need your hair to be good. The right hair accessories will save you time while helping you achieve the look that you want. If you are used to using hair accessories, then you will have your hair the way you like it in no time. Hair accessories make your work easier, therefore, saving you from the frustrations that come with getting ready. Find more hair accessories on amazon here.

There are days that you do not have the energy to fix your hair. You could be too tired to do it or have a busy schedule. A hair accessory like a headband will help you take care of your greasy hair. You can spray dry shampoo on your hair and brush it well then wear a headband. This technique will make you look presentable like always.

Helps Style Short Hair

Headbands and clips will help keep hair off your face allowing it to flow freely. This helps especially if your face is sensitive to your hair products. You could also be having a busy day in which you prefer your hair to be held up. Wearing a hairband or clipping your hair will help you work without having to worry about your hair disturbing you.


People with short hair tend to have a hard time styling it. Hair accessories come in handy because they will help you hold your hair in the position that you want. Your hair is likely to remain this way the whole day with the right hair accessories.

Keeps Hair Away From Your Face

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