SunRay Kelley

Natural Builder

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The Reunion Sauna PDF Print E-mail

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This sauna was a working reunion for SunRay, Jerry and Kodiak.  They worked last together on the Harbin Temple. SunRay and crew assembled a yurt kit for the sauna and built a mass heater with pizza oven and hot water heat exchangers for the hot tub.  The horizontal fire box is a 2 ft diameter steel tube 8 ft long, lined with fire brick.   Modeled after SunRay’s sauna at home, the large horizontal fire allows long branches to be fed to the fire, reducing the amount of cutting required.  An eight foot fire box heats these saunas quickly.  It takes only 20 to 30 minutes to have this type of sauna ready to sweat in. At the end of the steel tube, the flue gases are compressed as they pass through a smaller vertical riser, then make their way around the pizza oven and back down through a heat exchanger containing 150 ft of 5/8” copper tubing. It is this down drafting of the flue gasses where you can wring out most of the heat before the gases escape out the chimney.  The water circulating through the copper tubing is heated for the hot tub and a steam system for the sauna.  The sauna, hot tub and pizza oven creates a wonderful entertainment space that heals and feeds you and your friends.

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